Meet the team behind Engage Care Talent 🎙️❤️

Meet the team behind Engage Care Talent 🎙️❤️

Rowan & Chris first met just as the pandemic  was gripping the globe and lockdown hit the UK. 3 years on and they’re Co-Founders of Engage Care Talent, and your podcast hosts.

Rowan was Head of Resourcing at Cygnet Health Care and Chris had was a few months into his own business, Content Marketing Pod Ltd. From that lunch meeting in South London they knew is was the start of something special.

The following three years saw them creating highly successful and multi-award winning marketing campaigns for Cygnet Health Care.

Their personal and professional stories are rooted in the care sector. For them it was more than recruitment.

Now Rowan has his own successful business - AudienceLink, and Chris is 4 years into his own businesses - Content Marketing Pod and The Employer Content Studio.

And they’re joining forces with Engage Care Talent - the podcast all about solving the care talent crisis one conversation at a time.

Engage Care Talent brings together people from inside and outside the care sector to share the opinion and advice. All to help the sector to engage care talent.

Because the care crisis will be fixed by the talented individuals within the sector.

The answers are there, we all just need to find them, share them and elevate care talent.

This is Engage Care Talent 🎙️❤️

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